Teachings of Lord Kapila

Translation and commentary by His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada

An audio book narrated by Amal Bhakta Dasa

Approximately 14.5 hours of listening time; with background music. This conversation between Kapila and his mother, Devahuti, reveals the great scholar's understanding of bhakti yoga. He sheds light on such topics as the significance of the guru, the psychology of consciousness, the characteristics of a self-realized person, the science of meditation, the nature of transcendental knowledge, and the process of ultimate liberation.

The Author: Srila Prabhupada, a fully self-realized spiritual master, founded the International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON) and the Bhaktivedanta Book Trust (BBT). He wrote more than sixty volumes of the authoritative translations and commentaries on the philosophical and spiritual classics of India which have been translated into many languages. Highly respected by the academic community for their depth and clarity, they are used as textbooks in numerous college courses.

The Narrator: Amal Bhakta Dasa is a disciple of Srila Prabhupada and an ordained minister of ISKCON. He has been teaching yoga in general since 1958, and bhakti yoga since 1976. Amal bhakta's narrations of many of Srila Prabhupada's books are sold in stores and broadcasted on radio and digital stations around the world.

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© The Bhaktivedanta Book Trust International, Inc; 1986 (text).

℗ Amal Bhakta Dasa 1990 (performance). This edition of CDs reproduced by Krishna.com. For the complete listing of Amal Bhakta's Narrations, visit the Krishna.com Store.

Table of Contents

00. Forward
01. The Purpose of Lord Kapila's Advent
02. The Transcendental Master and Supreme Yogi
03. How to Understand the Lord's Activities
04. Approaching a Bona Fide Guru
05. Lord Kapila Takes Charge of His Mother, Devahuti
06. Devahuti Desires Transcendental Knowledge
07. Lord Kapila Begins to Explain Self-realization
08. Bhakti-yoga: The Supreme Yoga System
09. Purifying the Mind for Self-realization
10. Spiritual Attachment and Material Detachment
11. The Symptoms of a Sadhu
12. Associating with the Supreme Lord Through Hearing
13. Perfect Knowledge Through Surrender
14. Bhakti As Ultimate Liberation
15. Meditation on the Lord's Transcendental Forms
16. The Pure Devotee's Spiritual Opulances
17. Taking Shelter of Krsna
18. Devotional Service: The Final Perfection


01a Forward & Chapter 1 (part 1)
01b Chapter 1 (part 2), Chapter 2 & Chapter 3 (part 1)
02a Chapter 3 (part 2) & Chapter 4 (part 1)
02b Chapter 4 (part 2) & Chapter 5
03a Chapter 6 (part 1)
03b Chapter 6 (part 2) & Chapter 7 (part 1)
04a Chapter 7 (part 2) & Chapter 8 (part 1)
04b Chapter 8 (part 2) & Chapter 9 (part 1)
05a Chapter 9 (part 2)
05b Chapter 10 (part 1)
06a Chapter 10 (part 2) & Chapter 11 (part 1)
06b Chapter 11 (part 2)
07a Chapter 11 (part 3) & Chapter 12 (part 1)
07b Chapter 12 (part 2) & Chapter 13 (part 1)
08a Chapter 13 (part 2) & Chapter 14 (part 1)
08b Chapter 14 (part 2)
09a Chapter 14 (part 3) & Chapter 15 (part 1)
09b Chapter 15 (part 2) & Chapter 16 (part 1)
10a Chapter 16 (part 2) & Chapter 17 (part 1)
10b Chapter 17 (part 2) & Chapter 18

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Audiobook Length: 

13 hours, 59 minutes